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REACH NET GSM Network Solution

GSM network coverage in rural areas face many challenges, from the cost of building the infrastructure in such low-population density areas, lack of large power sources, deployment time, and more. So how can you reach more? Enter REACH NET.

REACH NET is a small-scale, fully functional GSM network solution, designed to simplify and break the norms of conventional telecom network deployment. Quick to install and easy to manage, REACH NET allows you to deploy cellular networks in even the most remote areas, all at the fraction of the cost of a full-sized cell tower.

End-to-End Telco Solution

Provide telco services to remote areas with no telco coverage

Reduced CAPEX

The capabilities of a telco service in one box

Easy to Setup

Can be mounted on to trees and existing structures and activated in one push

Network Management made easy

Manage network services and create plans for your subscribers

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